The Fam


We are Matt and Nick Blasquez.

We’ve built this site to share our passion for health and spirituality. Our goal to help people get back in touch with their inner fire through self-care, self-analysis, and ultimately self-love.

The journey into Self is deeper and more complex than any seeker can imagine, making it the most rewarding and worthwhile journey you can make. A true rabbit hole that will leave you changed forever, more yourself than you’ve ever been.

Ready or not, it’s time to evolve.


Matt Blasquez is an ex-Army fitness trainer and NASM personal trainer currently working on a BS in nutrition from University of Hawaii. He’s also the most creative workout designer in town. His interests are metabolic conditioning, body restoration, Buddhism, nutrition, and pet health.

Nick Blasquez is a NFPT personal trainer, NESTA kettlebell coach, NESTA weight management specialist, and is certified in plant nutrition. Currently working on a PhD in educational psychology after earning a M.A. in communications and a teaching credential in special education. He loves to help others connect with their inner selves through guided meditation, neuroscience, a solid self-care routine, and chakra therapy.